“Our clients are true artist, being able to learn from our fabulous instructors and grow with in themselves is an honor. It is also an incredible honor to experience that growth with their families and care providers.”


Rosalinda Verde

Performing Arts Director


The Creative Center Foundation exist to provide financial support for The Creative Center and to promote The Creative Center in our community.

  • Community integration
  • Providing cultural resources to the community
  • Recognizing the individuals value and contribution

The Lives We Impact

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Live on CVT

Gary Wong was live on CVT talking about Special Olympics. 


 Keri Van Deventer is the Tech and Fitness Instructor at The Creative Center.  She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design from San Diego State University and is a very talented artist.  

The Creative Center is a community arts center for adults with developmental disabilities.

We focus on the mission of fostering self expression through the arts and:

Chipotle Fundraiser June 30th Chipotle donates to The Creative Center. READ

“My time here has been really fun and a blessing. It is really a fun place to be to socialize with your friends and make new friends along the way "


Cory Janca

Performer & Client

Our Misson

Robert rocks 

Robert kicked off the 2016 Special Olympics by signing the National Anthem.