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Past & Present Projects

Through fundraising and the charitable giving of our community, the Creative Center Foundation has been able to continue its mission and provide the Creative Center with the opportunity to continue enriching the life-changing classes and experiences of its incredibly talented clients for six decades!

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Currently Working On...

Creative Center Bathroom Project

New Windows installed in the Jon Ginsburg Gallery. 

We are currently working on updating and renovating the bathrooms to make them more accessible for The Creative Center clients.​

Currently preparing our upcoming Rock N Roll Brew Fest event to help raise the funds needed for this project. 


Repaired A/C Unit

Phase 2 of the Fence Project

The Creative Center Foundation paid for the repairs needed for one of the A/C Unitits. 

The Creative Center Foundation paid $4,125 for the new locks, which allowed it to finish the second phase of the fence project.  


Purchased the property of the Creative Center.

Officially purchase our portion of the property that houses the Creative Center and Ice House from the city of Visalia. 

Updated the Front Walkway of the Creative Center Admin Office

With the funds raised at our first Brew Fest the Creative Center Foundation was able to pay for the installation of a new walkway. in front of the Creative Center administrative building.


Rod Iron Fence Expansion: Phase 1

Gave $31,600 towards the first phase of expanding the rod iron fence surrounding the Creative Center facility. Not only does this expansion allow for additional space for the Creative Center clients, but it also provides an additional source of safety.   


APOCO-X Air Treatment System

Gave $4,700 towards APCO-X air treatment systems that were installed into 8 AC units throughout the Creative Center facility. The system uses ultraviolet light and a carbon filter to help kill biological and chemical compounds that are in the air.  


Replaced Air Conditioner

Replaced a failed AC unit in the Jon Ginsburg Gallery with a newer more energy-efficient model.

New Touch Screen Computers

The Creative Center was awarded grant money to cover half of the cost of installing brand new touch screen laptops for the client's computer lab. The Creative Center Foundation happily covered the 2nd half of the cost.    


Covered the cost of excess bird removal from the Creative Center facility to upkeep a safe and clean environment for the Creative Center Clients, Staff, and Guests. 

Bird Removal


Automatic Door Installation

The Creative Center Foundation raised the funds needed to install the much needed automatic doors throughout the Creative Center facility to allow our clients more accessibility and independence.  


Paving the Creative Center parking lot

The Creative Center Foundation raised the funds needed to pave the parking lot/ reseal / re-stripe.


Purchased a 2012 Van

Installed exterior fencing

Purchased a 2012 van to transport the clients in. 

Installation of the new exterior fencing for the Creative Center facility. 

Replaced Carpet

Laid new carpeting in the computer room.  


New Computers

Provided the Creative Center with computers for the clients.  


Creative Center 30th Anniversary

Gallery Floor

Assisted in the planning and some of the cost towards the Creative Center's 30th Anniversary Celebration!

Paid for the cost of updating the Jon Ginsberg Gallery floor project.

Purchased New Car

Purchased a brand new Dodge Caravan needed to transport the Creative Center clients on various field trips and performances. 


New Building on Facility Grounds

New Chairs

The Creative Center Foundation raised the funds required to have the Life Skills building moved to the Creative Center Grounds.  

The Creative Center Foundation paid to have the Gallery chairs replaced. 


Internet Installation

Vehicle Maintenance

The Creative Center Foundation raised the funds needed to install Internet, network, signage, and clean up the grounds at the Creative Center. 

Assisted the Creative Center with the cost of vehicle maintenance needed to provide safe travel for the Creative Center clients. 


Paid for the Creative Center to have their van painted.   


Picnic Area

The Creative Center Foundation raised the funds needed to provide the Creative Center with a patio/picnic area and drinking fountain. 


Installation of HVAC Unit

Assisted the Creative Center with the installation of an HVAC.

"Caring has the gift of making the ordinary special."
                                           ―George R. Bach

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